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Hong Kong – the planet most visited city

For the ninth year in a row, Hong Kong has held on to its crown as the planet’s most visited city. Revealing the results of its 2017 Top 100 City Destinations survey, market researcher Euromonitor International says...

Let’s​ play games in…RIO

Amazing mix of spices and the endless variety of colors mixed and shaped in the gifts of nature that can only be imagined as a paradise on earth – is a brief description of...

Zanzibar exotic in the Indian Ocean

With its tropical atmosphere and unique culture, this archipelago offers an experience for all the senses. This island for centuries has been a magnet for many sailors and tourists worldwide and a large target for many conquerors. But today, thanks to its rich history, tradition, and culture, and admirable beauty and scenery, beautiful beaches and palm trees, far from any civilization is a real pearl of the Indian Ocean and a piece of paradise that you have to experience

Sardinia – paradise for surfers

Sardinia (Sardegna / Sardigna) is a large island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, between the Balearic islands and the Italian peninsula and south of Corsica. It is an autonomous region which currently belongs to Italy.

Italian island of Sardinia, is a dream destination for sunbathers, hotspot for celebrities and surfers’ paradise

The untouched beauty of the Macedonian villages

Springs with foam water, high and green forests, mountain peaks that capture you with their beauty, the ecological apples that grow at 1.200 meters above the see level, are only part of the values that Macedonian villages have. Located in mountain bosom, they are enchanting with their authentic architecture, warmth and cordiality of their hosts. Windmills where flour is still made, old bobbins, making pipes and flutes that produce the sounds of the folk songs and dances are part of the mosaic of the Macedonian villages.

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