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Macedonia is like a chest, filled with precious things, that eagerly waits to be opened. It has the abundance of history and tradition dating back to the Neolith, witnessed by the numerous archeological treasures found in the earth’s womb. The Maenad from Tetovo, Adam from Govrlevo, the golden mask from Trebenishta from the 6th century B.C., the Neolithic ceramics, findings from the Bronze Age, remains of Roman buildings, as well as mosaics with precious value, are only part of the rich cultural heritage
that for centuries has been found in this land. About 4.000 archeological sites, thousands of churches, and monasteries, over 200 mosques, fifty towers, and bridges are only part of the provocation necessary to visit this rare and archeologically rich country. Even 130 Early Christian basilicas have been discovered in the country at different locations. Numbers are getting even more impressive if it is known that thousands of archeological exhibits decorate the shelves of the Macedonian museums and galleries.

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