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Daniela Trpchevska, journalist
I was born in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia in 1974. After college I studied journalism in university “St. Kiril and Metodij” in Skopje.I was as an editor in a daily newspaper “Utrinski vesnik”, for 18 years, since his appearance. I was working in the political section, dealing with daily events within and beyond the country which have some influence on Macedonia. I am also writing stories and reports from interesting places and about interesting individuals.
I began to work in state radio station, while I was studying and that experience attached me to the journalism. After six months I made a transfer to the news agency “MAKPRES”. Two years later I become a part of the state news agency “MIA”, I was one of ten people who founded it. In 1999 I started to work in the daily newspaper “Utrinski vesnik”.
In 2003  I won the second place at the competition for the First Annual Photography and Journalism Prizes on the issue of Poverty in Macedonia, for the article ” Rugince – Forgotten Stone Village”, awarded by the United Nations.
In 2005 for the second time, I won a UN prize for the best journalist article about the poverty in Macedonia, and I have also received a certificate for one of the 10 best investigative stories published in Macedonian media during 2008.
Skills – Good skill in public relations and communications, develop and implement communication and promotion strategies and information programs, publicize activities and events, and maintain media relations on behalf of businesses, governments, and other organizations


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